Its strange to think that I have  spent sixty dollars plus on games and a nine dollar game has entertained me longer than most of those… Game Dev Tycoon has SKYROCKETED into one of my all-time favorite games very quickly. It is incredibly simplistic in nature yet amazing… You start out as a video game developer in the 1980’s making games in your garage. You name your game, pick what it is about, and then decide what attributes are most important and let it out into the world! Time progresses and more systems are released and you make engines that make better games and eventually move into bigger and better offices… This game SEEMS small. But, the more I play it the more I discover amazing things. You make massive release games that make you millions, hire designers to help you, go to game conventions, make MMO’s, and EVEN your own systems when you become the best of the best…  Easily the best part of this game is the story though. Going through the years and seeing the real progression with games and systems over time. Speaking of systems, to ovoid law suits they made the best names for them such as GameSphere, PlaySystem, and MBox!.. I got lost for hours straight playing this game, and I’m sure you will too. Who doesn’t want to make the best game the world has ever seen?