Swing and miss… I’m a sucker for comedies, party movies, raunchy, and all four main characters. Even if every other person in the world hated this movie I should have loved it. Yet, here I am struggling to remember much about it when I watched it only a few days ago. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates! A comedy starring Zac Efron, Adam Devine, Anna Kendrick, and Aubrey Plaza. A Movie in which two party animals are demanded to bring two nice girls to their sisters wedding and two terrible people fool them into bringing them… Now, the premise is awesome and I did laugh a few times… When the Massage dude was giving that erotic massage, and when Adam Devine was explaining the chocolate lollipop thing… Other than that I had chuckles. BUT, a movie thats sole purpose is to make you laugh should have you rolling and I most certainly was not rolling. With these four actors it took a god awful script to make this movie bad and that is what we got. On the plus side I saw Anna Kendricks butt, other than that I see no reason to watch it again.