What seems like a wonderful new take on romance and a movie about working with technology, quickly takes a turn for what is sadly just a rip off of an already nearly perfect movie. Although it is possible there is more to this movie than just being a clear “Her” rip off, it is unlikely. It opens with Retta (who might be a saving grace for this movie) yelling at her team to find a new voice for their Siri-like system. Martin Starr then decides to use his wife’s voice, played by Mae Whitman, for the program. An aspect of this I really liked  is how it used formulas and charts in the trailer to show work and what-not. I really hope that is a big aspect to this film!.. Sadly though this trailer kept becoming more and more of a Her wannabe as it went on. Joe (Starr) began to fall in love with the voice/operating system that is his own wife’s voice instead of his actual wife… From what I’ve read about this movie there is a bit more to it but if they wanted to get any of that across, they failed with this trailer.