Sure the plot has massive holes in it, and sure, if you break down every little thing that happened to these people for this movie to go the way it did it would be mathematically impossible. BUT, did you see how cool this whole movie looked?! This movie follows Jackson Curtis and his family as they struggle to escape the end of the world as we know it while in the middle of a HUGE city. Also, this movie follows Adrien Helmsley on his road to discovering the world will end and trying to save as many people as possible… I’m not gonna lie, this movie sat on the top of my all time favorite movies for YEARS on end and is still the best disaster movie of all time in my opinion. However, I count a “good” disaster movie by how fucking spectacular it looks, sounds, and makes me go “woooooow”. That is all I did this movie, so I don’t blame it for having little to no story, and one that makes no sense when it decides to pop in. The acting is fair, the story is meh, but to this day it looks spectacular! (Please view on big screen with surround sound)

PS. I forgot about Woody Harrelson. He’s awesome. Obviously.