Cabin in the Woods movie review


Cabin in the Woods, Excuse me, THE Cabin in the Woods is a spectacular take on the usual horror cliche. It does this by being SUPER cliche and then explaining why all horror movies are that stupid. I’m not going to spoil anything, but, horror “movies” aren’t movies (wink wink). Cabin in the woods follows five stereotypes of teens as they spend their time out at an old uncles spooky cabin. You have the jock, slut, prude, pothead, and nerd/token black friend… Reviewing this movie is hard to do without revealing the twist because it is such a major part of the movie, but, just know that at a certain point it is no longer scary and turns into a sci-fi suspense! I can’t handle scary movies, however the story of this is so good that I really don’t care. If you are like that too this is definitely for you!


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