Project X with A-list actors? I think yes! I’m a sucker for Christmas movies, party movies, and comedies…There is one EVERY year. Last year it was The Night Before and one of my favorite actors, Seth Rogen, disappointed me… I think T.J. is here to make it up to me!.. Office Christmas Party looks like a pretty standard party movie. The half-baked excuse they have to party this time is to win over a client and keep their jobs… Shit looks like it hits the fan though when EVERYONE in Chicago gets invited… Jason Bateman is in this too, I assume just being funny and attending the party… Jennifer Aniston though may have another hysterical role to play!.. Aniston is a highly underused comedy actress and I’d LOVE to see her bust out the We’re The Millers and Horrible Bosses chops again!.. I’m gonna see it, obviously! Just turn off your brain and laugh for a couple hours.