So, I have a different opinion of this movie than it appears most people did. I liked it. Sure, it wasn’t the funniest comedy in the world, nor the most action-filled action movie. However, it was original, gave me some laughs, and I STILL love watching the everyday-man that is Kevin James kick some ass (referring to Here Comes the Boom)! True Memoirs of an International Assassin follows writer Sam Larson. Sam has  poured his life into writing an extremely accurate book where his alter-ego, Mason Carver, is an assassin. When he publishes the book it gets told as a non-fiction and he gets sucked into a shit-storm in Venezuela where people assume he is truly a deadly assassin known as “The Ghost”… When I write it down it sounds super impractical and far fetched, which it is, but, I promise you the movie handles something like this the best they could!.. I may be biased as a writer but my favorite parts of this movie are him writing his story, talking about his process, and when his mind runs through what he would do IF he were his alter-ego. He is joined by a DEA agent who helps him along the way, played by Zulay Henao. Zulay does a good job for what she is meant for, yet is overall a very 2D character… This is by no means an award winning movie, I won’t lie to you, however, I had a fun time watching and I think you will too (especially if you too are a writer!)