When two kids go to see their grandparents that their mother has fallen out of touch with, strange things begin to happen and maybe their grandparents aren’t who they thought they were… The Visit is a truly terrifying movie, you guys are lucky I even watched this thing! Following two children on a visit to their grandparents they get more than they bargained for. It starts out pretty normal but things happen that don’t make sense and grandma and grandpa get progressively stranger and… murderous. I don’t know any of the actors in this but everyone does a great job, especially the children (which is saying a lot these days). You have a surprising amount of backstory and character depth as well! On top of all that it has almost a perfect combination of uncomfortable, suspense, and jump scares… I will never watch it again purely because in almost literally scared the shit out of me but I highly recommend it to anyone who loves horror.

I think M. Night is back.