Utterly pointless. If you asked me to describe this movie in two words, that would be it. This movie had potential, and had a good set up from the last movie, BUT, it is one of the worst executions. The beautiful part of the first movie is that all the shit was believable. Sure, it was far fetched but it was believable. This one is not. On top of that I am have a difficulty remembering this movie and the details about it, I remember the first one VIVIDLY. One of the few scenes of Now You See Me 2 that stands out in my mind is when the group is exchanging a card back and forth to get it across a metal detector. Its extremely long winded, unbelievable, and loses it’s charm after the first thirty seconds…  I like Lizzy Caplan, but, she is not a horseman. And with the “death” of Jack Wilder it is only two of the original horsemen which is stupid if you ask me… One of the horsemen, Woody Harrelson, turns out has a twin brother. He is also played by Woody, and I have a chuckle or two but not enough to merit a character that is plainly obvious a lazy plot device.  My BIGGEST gripe with this movie though is that they had Daniel Radcliffe, the most well know wizard in the movie world and they didn’t make one joke. Not one! “I’m a magician, not a wizard!” or “Yer’ a magician Walter.” Both are acceptable but the writers weren’t smart enough, and that shows with this entire movie.