The Newsroom TV show review


For fans of The West Wing that have been unsatisfied over the years with television that can’t live up, Aaron Sorkin gave us something that will satisfy, if only for a short period. The Newsroom is an HBO series written AND created by Aaron Sorkin that follows Jeff Daniels and his new news team on an endevour to bring integrity back to journalism. Sadly, due to disagreements and writing problems it was reduced to a twenty-five episode series. Which, if you think about it is a single season of most television shows. But, the three seasons that this show brings you are fantastic and grab you immediately and consistently. Being that it is based out of a news room it touches on the modern issues and what-not, such as the Boston marathon and deep water horizon… The first season of this show is one of the best seasons of television I have ever seen, nearing the superb quality of the first season on Friday Night Lights. The second season is quite convoluted, all over the place, and sometimes hard to follow. It jumps around in time and I will be honest, I got a little lost. Despite that I still binged the shit out of it. Season three, being only six episodes, is mainly wrap up and tying up loose ends before cancellation. Everything progresses nicely though and I was happy with how they ended it despite being unhappy it had to end… Jeff Daniels is fantastic in this, showing an acting quality I didn’t previously know he possessed. Emily Mortimer plays opposite him and they play off each other very well. This show has many, many other characters that all do their job very well and are all equally abstract and three dimensional as the last. Who really stands out though, to me at least, is John Gallegher Jr who plays Jim Harper. Jim Harper is senior producer of ‘News Night’ (the news show they air) and BASICALLY Jim Halpert… I will tell you now though, this show is very political. It doesn’t advertise it as such, but, it is created by Aaron Sorkin, a very active member of the Democratic party, and it is really obvious in this show. If you do not agree with the views of the party, but can look past that, you will enjoy it just as much!.. This show may have been short lived, but it didn’t limit it all in my mind. If anything, it prevented it from running out of ideas and remaining fresh.

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