Iron Man is better than Batman: Why Batman is terrible


An argument I have had for some time is whether Iron Man or Batman is better. Both share a lot of similarities, the largest being that they both have no super hero abilities, unless you count being filthy rich… I believe strongly that Iron Man is not only better than Batman, but, that Batman is a terrible super hero.  (Disclaimer: I am not a big comic book reader so my arguments will be made solely referencing the movie universe.) 

Lets start with the super hero suits themselves.  Bruce Wayne is worth about 9.2 billion dollars, while Tony Stark is worth around 12.4 billion dollars. To any normal person three billion dollars is a lot of money! However, when you look at it in that amount there is nothing you can do with 9 billion you can’t do with 12. So I ask you, why is the bat suit leagues worse than the Iron Man suit? Yes, the suit Batman wears looks really cool, I will give you that. However, The Iron man suit is equipped with missiles, guns, energy weapons, an AI software, it can fly, is made of METAL, and a lot more. And it is clear it didn’t cost him much more because Tony has made near fifty of them already. On top of that, Bruce wasn’t trying to save money while making his suit because he orders hundreds of face pieces just to disguise wanting one for himself!.. Now, what you could say is that Batman has the batmobile, the batwing and his super computer in the bat cave, BUT, Tony doesn’t need any of those things because it is all already equipped in his one suit.

Alright, hopefully now I have convinced you that Bruce Wayne made a terrible decision to make the suit he did. Now I will convince you on why Bruce Wayne is just a terrible person! Isn’t this fun?.. So, Wayne enterprises is a very large corporation with a lot of money. The company does many, many things. One of which, largely supported by Bruce’s father Thomas, is charity. Thomas was a large supporter in helping the under privileged and supporting Gotham in any way he could. He would donate money, homeless shelters, and even built a train system to help people get to work! Not only did Bruce stop helping the poor he actually DESTROYED that train. Bruce Wayne could do much more for Gotham if he donated money, helped the poor, and pretty much everything his father did. Unfortunately he chose to run around looking like a bat instead. Tony’s father on the other hand, as well as Tony Himself, developed weapons and sold them to the highest bidder. Tony stopped that to help people.

Sure, without the suits Bruce would kick Tony’s ass. Bruce is basically a ninja and Tony is just a regular guy. Yet, despite that, Iron Man is a much better super hero. Bruce doesn’t want to help people, if he actually did he would follow in his fathers footsteps to help Gotham. Bruce wants to beat people up while satisfying his leather fetish.


9 thoughts on “Iron Man is better than Batman: Why Batman is terrible”

  1. Iron Man has always been the better hero.
    Not just solely for money or suit engineering; but the fact that he does not have shame or tries to hide from the fact that he is Iron Man. Nor does he try to single himself out on battles. Where Batman (other then Robin or Batgirl who has yet to be seen in movies, other then the original 1990’s make; if we are talking movie stand points here) has never had help in any of the films.
    I see this as a great stand point on self image for any hero, not just the two.
    I agree with you 100% on this one.


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    This is a fun topic – a favorite of our editors – that I’m tempted to comment on in more detail soon. Fellow founding editor Burchismo is an Iron-Man advocate and legendary Marvelologist. And while I also favor Iron Man, and admire Marvel film and TV projects on a case-by-case basis, I am also an ardent Batman defender, and “Dark Knight’ fan, primarily due to my affinity director Christopher Nolan’s critically-acclaimed film interpretation of the Batman myth. More on this in the near future.

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  3. Firstly, to state that Batman is worse than Iron Man simply because he “wasted” his money by not building a suit like Iron Man is a very flawed statement. Iron Man’s suits are powered by a fake technology and comprised of fake metal, while everything in a Bat suit is real. This means that already, Batman could theoretically be a real superhero while Iron Man will always be a fantasy.

    Secondly, Bruce Wayne took the pain of his childhood and channeled it into a life long pursuit to become a peak physical and mental specimen. He dedicated his entire life to his discipline and is morally superior to Tony. Tony is a misogynistic alcoholic who hides his pain behind jokes and some incredibly bad decision making. For such a brilliant individual, Tony makes the worst decisions in the Marvel Universe.

    Thirdly, the Wayne Foundation continues continues all of its charitable work that Thomas Wayne started. Through the Wayne Foundation Bruce Wayne addresses social-economic problems encouraging crime, assists victims of crimes, and maintains connections to the streets through the soup kitchens and social services groups. This type of charity work is done specifically to undermine all of the conditions that supply Gotham City with its copious amounts of henchmen. In essence, Bruce Wayne is constantly trying to put himself out of a job.

    Lastly, and quite possibly the most important point of all, what makes Batman far superior to Iron Man in every way is his villains. I defy you to name a single MEMORABLE Iron Man villain outside of the what has shown up in the movies. Iron Man’s best villain is easily The Mandarin, and that character is so clearly racists they had to satirize it in the last movie. Now think of every memorable Batman villain there is. Batman is so great because of just how great and different his many many villains are.

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    1. I don’t disagree with you that Batmans villains are more memorable because they are, but, they are far less difficult villains than the ones Iron Man takes on. And I’m not concerned about realism in my super hero’s. Yes, Batman could truly happen but that didn’t make him more interesting. He exists in the same universe as Superman… This article, much like everything else I write, is largely opinion based. I didn’t write it as fact, I wrote it as entertainment.


      1. Yes, but I have responded to your opinions to show you that they were fundamentally flawed and that the basis of your entire argument has no traction. You brought up many points to backup “Why Batman is Terrible” that were completely false and used them to fuel your own narrative. I just assumed I was on a well respected blog and not CNN.


      2. You make a good point, and I did attempt to be as accurate as possible with my arguments while also keeping a level of humor and bias to it. I did write mainly from movie memory though and may have made a mistake. Despite that though I do stand by what I said, and you, of course, are more than welcome to stand by what you said.


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