I started playing this game right after finishing season six to satisfy me until seven came back. Now I’m almost more excited about season two of this! Game of Thrones: A Telltale Game Series follows house Forrester, a house not yet introduced into the TV series. House Forrester controls the Ironwood groves, which are being sought after by Ramsey Snow because of their military importance. You control five characters and your job is to save house Forrester from being taken over… Every decision you make TRULY has an impact later in the game. I made a couple decisions I was very confident in and killed one of the five main characters almost immediately!.. I love Telltale games. Despite them being shorter and having very little gameplay, I really enjoy the decision making and seeing where I make the story go. Almost like a modern choose your own path book. I enjoyed no Telltale game as much as this one though, and that may be because I am a big fan of the show itself. Every time on of the characters I recognized came on the screen I flipped my shit! Saying that though, I also have to tell you that unless you have seen the show you will not enjoy this as much. Yes, you will have fun, BUT, a lot of the stuff won’t make sense and you wont get the same joy as playing along side the main characters. I do recommend you play it, just familiarize yourself with the series first.