Though a very clear rip-off of Ninja Warrior, that does not take away from the awesomeness of this show. Ultimate Beastmaster is a reality show where 12 contestants compete on an obstacle course to become the Beastmaster. On the tenth episode they take the nine winners and they compete to be the Ultimate Beastmaster. Competing are two members of six countries. USA, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil… A few days ago I sat down to watch one episode of this show, just to give it a shot, and ended up watching half of the season in one sitting. Having not only two competitors from each country, but, two commentators from each as well always keeps it interesting. On top of that they cut to the action and don’t make me watch the shitty contestants slog through the course! However, The Beast (as they refer to the course) is very biased. The course has a large advantage to those who are tall, making some obstacles damn near impossible if you aren’t. Yuuji Urushihara, the most famous obstacle course runner in the world, and the only man to ever beat Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) twice, was eliminated in the second round. Multiple contestants that were 5’6 or under were eliminated because making the twelve foot leaps and eight foot verticals are damn near impossible for someone that short, yet, a cake walk for someone over six feet tall. Despite that one flaw though, this show is absolutely phenomenal. I found myself yelling at the screen the entire time, and having more country pride than I have since the Olympics.