High school teen drama movies are a guilty pleasure of mine. They are usually hilarious and always have a strong message to send at the end of the movie. The Edge of Seventeen is not an exception to this. The Edge of Seventeen follows Nadine, played by Hailee Steinfeld. Nadine is an awkward seventeen year old girl that has multiple problems. Her dad died, her mom lashes out at her, she has a crush on a boy, and her best friend fucked her brother she doesn’t like. Now, none of those are easy problems, but, there comes a point in the movie where it is difficult to like the main character. She is a bitch to all the wrong people, and makes all the wrong choices. Not only do you find yourself yelling at the main character, but, you find yourself cringing because of her! She’s awkward. Holy shit is she awkward. There were multiple times when I had to pause the movie and walk back and forth to collect myself before sitting back down… Woody Harrelson is in this too in case you didn’t know! Everyone loves Woody, he can’t be in something without everyone losing there shit, for good reason of course. Yet again he steals this movie and is everyone’s favorite character. The Edge of Seventeen is in a very specific genre, one that doesn’t often sway from its usual plot points. This one keeps on that course and everything happens as you think it would. So yes, this movie is predictable, but, that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best in that genre.