The most unlikely comedy duo that I thought I would never seen is James Franco and Bryan Cranston… Lo and behold, we got it! Why Him? follows Ned Fleming (Cranston) and his family when they go to visit his eldest daughter away at college (Zoey Deutch) for the holidays. However, things don’t go as planned when they stay with her eccentric millionaire boyfriend (Franco). Surprisingly this movie was not very well received by critics, saying that the jokes didn’t hit and it seemed rather phoned in. However, I  disagree completely! I am a sucker for Franco, Cranston, and comedy’s in general so this is like a wet dream of movies to me! The screen time that these two spent together was always top notch and although it is an age old premise, the modern day spin on it of him making video games and being loaded is great. This movie also has three performances that I feel NEED to be mentioned! Megan Mullally, who plays Ned’s wife was a funny touch to this and fits in well. Keegan Michael Key played James Franco’s estate manager thing and killed it, just like everything he is in. Best of all though is Kaley Cuoco playing the AI Justine! It’s weird but weirdly works… So, fuck what most people say, I LOVED this movie!