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Though this movie is undoubtedly compared to Zootopia, being that they released around the same time and both feature talking animals, this movie stands on its own rather well. The Secret Life of Pets follows a group of domesticated pets after they get lost out in New York City and get hunted by “wild” animals. Not every joke hits in this for me, but, the ones that do hit well. As for all animated movies nowadays it has just as many jokes aimed towards adults as children. The jokes aimed towards adults usually joke about what actually goes on in an animals head when they are doing normal things. Things such as playing with toys, red dots, waiting for you to come home, or barking non stop, etc. Things like that have been joked about for a long time and its cool to see them in an actual movie. The voice acting is great too. It has to be good when the most foul mouthed comedian out there (Louis C.K.) is the lead voice actor in a kids movie! Eric Stonestreet, most commonly known for his role in Modern Family, voices the second lead and does an equally amazing job given the fact that I didn’t even recognize it was him. Kevin Hart voices the little bunny, Snowball, who is the villain, and sadly I didn’t find him near as good as he could be. This is a fun movie for kids and adults alike to enjoy, but, with as many amazing kids movies that are out there these days I wouldn’t watch it twice.