Shark Tank TV show review


Shark Tank is an incredibly simple premise, that, to be completely honest did not sound interesting to me for a broad audience from the start. The idea of watching a business deal, though interesting to me, did not sound like something many people would enjoy. But, offering up something that most reality shows have thrown out the window is what makes this so fantastic. It’s real. There is not script, these people don’t know what they are going to say before they say it, and that is very clear when watching it. Another big benefit is the massively engaging quality of it. Whether my fiance and I are yelling at the sharks to sign a deal on a brilliant product or at the inventors to go with a certain deal we are always VERY in to it, and you will be too.

One thought on “Shark Tank TV show review”

  1. I definitely love this show. I had to watch an episode as a school assignment and have been hooked ever since. I’ve marathoned through most of the episodes already which Youtube made pretty easy to do. Mark Cuban is my favorite shark, but Kevin O Leary and his stories are always a blast as well.


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