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My first advice is to watch the INTERNATIONAL trailer for this movie. It differs slightly, but, makes a big difference. Baby Driver, as far as I know from the trailers, follows a young getaway driver for heists that works for a crime boss. Ansel Elgort an Kevin Spacey play the two roles and that alone would get me in to see this. But, what is beautiful is Edgar Wright as a director! Ansel has become one of my favorite young actors and I’m excited to see him stretch his acting chops in this to something we haven’t seen him do. A lot of people are comparing this to Drive, which I admit I do so the resemblance. However, this movie seems much deeper than the other. Mixing comedy, drama, romance, with a brilliant director, all-star cast, and by the looks of it a good soundtrack. This movie provides me with all my favorite things in a movie going experience and I don’t think it is going to let me, or you, down.