Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 movie review


I know it seems strange that the first and only Twilight movie I am reviewing is the last one, but, I happened to watch it recently so here I am! Twilight follows Bella, an emotionless teen, and at one point was about her strange three way love triangle with a sparkly vampire and a large dog. At this point in the series though she is married to Captain Twinkle-Face and Wolfy has accepted it. Not only that but Resting-Bitch-Face is now Mrs. Twinkle and has turned into a vampire and had a half-vampire child. This makes the leaders of the Twinkle-Bitches upset, naturally, and now all the sparkle-pires are banning together to fight… This movie is the least awful of all them, however, that is similar to saying “well, this piece of shit is good because it smells less than these other pieces of shit”. The acting of literally every person in this entire movie is bad to the point that it is uncomfortable to watch. Which, is hard to do considering I enjoy laughing at campy movies. Not only that but the story itself pokes holes in itself every few minutes and contradicts every other film in the series. Like, why the hell don’t the vampires sparkle anymore?! On top of all that the one true action sequence it the entire series, and the only redeemable part of this movie, is taken away from us in the worst way. If for some reason you are reading this review before watching every movie leading up to this one, just save yourself the trouble and watch literally anything else.

5 thoughts on “Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 2 movie review”

  1. I just went through and reviewed all the Twilight movies, and I agree that they are not very well done. It’s too bad because with some decent acting, I think they could have been good. I loved that final fight scene, too! Too bad it wasn’t real.

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  2. I still don’t understand why they split it into two parts. The fourth book was actually vaguely interesting (compared to the rest of the series) and could have made a half-decent movie if they’d just gotten on and told the story in a 90 – 120 minute film. But, no, we have to stretch out no material to the point of tedium and make the entire thing pointless.


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