The day has come where we now have movies based off of cell phone applications. And, you know what? Somehow we made it not just hilarious but actually good! No, I’m not saying it is an Oscar worthy masterpiece or one of the best animated movies to match up with Toy Story or Finding Nemo, but, I laughed and enjoyed myself. That is what counts, is it not? Angry Birds, based off an app where you throw birds at things to kill pigs, Follows Red. Red is a bird with anger problems, you may even call him an angry bird. Red is forced to attend anger management where he meets Chuck, a fast bird,  and Bomb, a bird that explodes… I never said this movie tried to be LITERALLY anything it is not!.. Pretty soon a bunch of pigs come in and try to take their eggs and, well, you can figure out what happens from there if you have played the app… That wouldn’t fill a full movie though so they had to do a long side plot where nobody believes Red that the pigs are bad and another one where they try to track down the Mighty Eagle. Mighty Eagle, voiced by Peter Dinklage, is fantastic and I urge you to at least watch his bit if you have no interest in this movie. I have no need to lie to you so I will tell you that this movie is not the best thing in the world, BUT, it is still funny and miraculous that it is as good as it is.