Thor: Ragnarok, which looks like it is ALSO Planet Hulk is another installment in the largest, and most successful movie universe out there. The Buzz behind this trailer is unlike any other in a while. Even the new Spiderman doesn’t measure up to the talk this is receiving! Ragnarok is directed by Taika Waititi, the same man that directed Green Lantern. Now, I would not be too worried about his limited directing experience in this genre, and his singular failed en-devour. Why? Because this trailer is fucking amazing, that’s why. Marvel shelled out a pretty petty to play Zeppelin, gave Thor his helmet, reminded us of his hilarious sense of humor, and even teased us with a showdown against the Hulk! To me, at least, the Thor movies have always been a kind of hold-over until the next Marvel movie. This, however, I will see in theaters.