I lost my hope for Adam Sandler long ago. Sure, every now and then he would churn out a surprising performance such as Click or Funny People, but, those were a long time ago now. When he signed a large movie deal with Netflix, I assumed, much like everyone else, it was him resigning to the fact that he just didn’t have it any more. And though it took him a bit I think that this movie is a turning point for him… Sandy Wexler follows a low level talent agent in Hollywood during the 1990’s who uncovers a woman, Courtney Clarke, who is a singer that comes around once in a life-time. Sandy himself, however, is a bit of an oddball. Sandy is a nutritious liar and though he cares more about his clients than anyone in the business, is not necessarily good at his job. Sandy is the epitome of the Sandler niche and I cringed at that at first, until I realized that this may be the one time it works. Adam Sandler is aware of the character he is portraying, and has no problem poking fun at him, and neither do all the cameo celebrities popping up in this movie! Jennifer Hudson plays the aforementioned singer, Courtney Clarke, and brings home a superb performance and (obviously) beautiful vocals. The movie rounds out with a hilarious co-cast of actors that Adam Sandler loves to work with such as Kevin James, Nick Swardson, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, and even his own family… Now, I’m not saying this movie is an Oscar winning comedy masterpiece. But, I am saying that it is funny, plays its gags well, and is touching. On top of that everyone had fun and gave it their all. I’m happy to see Adam Sandler is finding his way back as an actor and I hope he keeps improving.