The most recent King Kong movie was released a mere twelve years ago and we already have another reboot. At first I was quite upset about this, but, King Kong is one of the top remade movies out there. Surprisingly if you take this movie and compare it to its 2005 counterpart they are astoundingly different and I MASSIVELY prefer this one… King Kong is a story that needs very little introduction, as almost everyone has seen or heard some form of the story. An undocumented island is discovered and a team of explorers goes to the island to record it only to discover it is occupied by monsters, with the king of the jungle being the giant ape known as King Kong. This movie is star-studded beyond belief! Samuel L Jackson, Tom Hiddelston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, and John C Reilly are the leading actors. Now, I know what you are thinking, John C Reilly? Really? That’s what I thought! This movie is extremely more gory and violent that I could have ever pictured in my head, and it takes itself serious the whole way, even when trees are getting thrown through helicopters. John C Reilly, playing a man trapped on the island for twenty-eight years, provides a perfect comic relief as well as someone to accurately explain the story. One thing I want to touch on that really made this movie for me is the beautifully done cinematography. Every inch and every frame of this movie is gorgeous and awe-inspiring, and that is most certainly not an exaggeration. Fortunately, it also did not waste any time on the stupid “this girls is my pet and I love her” thing that the 2005 version spent a good forty-five minutes on. If you notice though I have spent no time talking about the characters except for John C Reilly. That is because my only problem, though small problem, with this movie is the absurdly flat characters. Everyone has their role that they do well, but actors such as Tom Hiddelston, Brie Larson, and especially John Goodman are wasted on poorly written characters. However, this movie is about Kong, and for what it sent out to be it was phenomenal.