Logan movie review


Alright, so, I’m going to go against popular opinion and tell you that I found near no enjoyment out of Logan. I had spent the last few days watching the previous X-Men movies to watch this one and wished I just stopped at Apocalypse. Logan follows Wolverine in the year 2029 after almost all mutants are gone, and no new ones are being born. Now, I will try my hardest not to spoil anything, but, I’m also going to mention some things in this movie I didn’t like… This movie starts with so many unanswered questions and ENDS with even more questions. Not only that but the ending doesn’t even resolve the MAIN STORY LINE. Why is Logan driving a limo? Why are they in a shitty place in the dessert? What happened to all the other X-Men? What about the school? Does the kid even get where she is going?! On top of all questions I had throughout this movie never being answered, the characters seem completely out of character… Yes, I understand the gritty, dark, and real nature of this movie is what takes people by surprise because it’s different. Just because something is gritty, dark, and real, however, does not mean I think it is right for the genre.

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  1. While I haven’t had the chance to see the film, from reading other reviews it seems like X-Men just followed the trend of every other reboot and got darker and grittier. This is fine and all, but it would be nice for some movies to buck the trend and just tell a good hero story and be a bit upbeat about it.

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  2. I couldn’t have explained it better myself. But I understand you as far as going against popular opinion. I thought The Mummy (2017) was great! But critics bashed it, So did most fans.


  3. Logan drives a limo because, given the near-extinction of the mutants, a job like that is all he can do to raise money to take care of himself and Charles. The kids live in the desert probably because it’s a desolate, secluded spot that makes it harder for Transigen to find them. As for the X-Men, it’s briefly touched upon by Charles and a line given by a voice on the radio as to what happened to them. Essentially, Richard E. Grant’s character created a genetically-altered ingredient that he injected into mass-manufactured corn syrup that suppresses the mutant gene. Also, Charles’ seizures killed most of the X-Men. Logan lived because he’s the only one who could withstand that kind of physical harm.
    I hope that helped clear some things up! Logan is a masterpiece, in my opinion.

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