Pitch Perfect 3 trailer review


Well… At least they seem aware of the fact that this movie is very unneeded and makes no sense. Pitch Perfect 3 follows the same bunch of girls on yet another venture to win a music competition. Only this time, they are fully grown adults trying to make it after college. Which, kind of makes this movie ridiculous, and the movie itself is aware of that! So, that’s good!.. I guess… I really liked the original Pitch Perfect, that much I will admit. I will also admit that the second one was terrible and a very obvious cash grab that people bought in to. Which is why we have a THIRD movie in a series that never should have been a SERIES. The trailer is not bad, but it is most certainly not good. There is nothing new or exciting, or even funny about it. It appears to be the same story line, same jokes, and same ending. When they made this trailer they didn’t care about making us excited, just informing us they are making another one so they can get our money.


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