Two Night Stand movie review


Well… This was shit. Just complete shit. Why Miles? Why do you put yourself through this shit time and time again?.. So… Anyway… Two Night Stand follows Megan. Megan needs to get back on the horse and back in the game! So, she finds a random guy (Alec) on the internet, goes to house, and sleeps with him. But, uh-oh! A snow storm hits and now she’s stuck there! Will they end up hating each other and inevitably fall in love? Will there be a falling out that requires a big romantic gesture? Will one of them have a secret they don’t disclose? Will they do EVERY stereotypical romantic comedy thing? You bet your fucking ass they will! You wanna know what else they will do? Never make you laugh once, and have a weird twenty minute sex talk in the exact middle of the movie… So ya.. I think its clear I liked this movie…

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