What a huge let down… I went in to this movie excited and down right giddy to relive something treasured from my childhood. Power Rangers was not just something I was a casual fan of as a child, but something that I would sit down and watch almost daily. Hell, it made me feel like a ninja. The only thing this movie captured was it’s campyness. Unfortunately though, the Power Rangers show was campy in a fun way. This Power Rangers is campy out of just being that terrible of a movie… Power Rangers follows a few kids in a breakfast club like scenario of being trapped in detention. When a few of them and a few other randos bump paths in an old abandoned open pit mine, they discover glowing crystals that give them powers. It is then revealed that they must save the world from the worst take on Rita Repulsa I have ever laid eyes upon. And I’ve laid my eyes upon some pretty shitty things. On top of having shitty fight scenes, cringe-worthy dialogue, a plot with a thousand holes in it, a horrible story, a stereotypical hero premise, and just super weird characters that are unrelatable in every way, it makes you sit through it all for just over two hours. Which, strangely enough, is two hours more than I wanted to keep watching this movie.