The Founder is the kind of movie I just eat up like Big-Macs. I love-love biopics. I really do! And ya know what? I go to movies to have fun, so the more outlandish and big, the better! Wolf of Wall Street: about a billionaire playboy that made his money on the stock market illegally, doing a shit ton of drugs. Awesome! NWA: the story of one of the most influential rap groups ever that surfaced at the peak of racial violence and stereotyping. Hell Ya! The Founder: the story of god damn McDonalds! And ya know what? It is awesome too!.. The Founder follows Ray Kroc a salesman and entrepreneur that discovered a small burger joint with a great idea run by two brothers. McDonalds. He then franchised it and bulldozed his way to the top with persistence, and the lack of morals that allows you to step on anyone’s neck you need to. Although this film has stellar performances by many people, especially Nick Offerman and John Lynch as the McDonalds brothers, it is carried on the back of Michael Keaton. Keaton brings this movie that could have very easily been dismissed and written off as a story no one cared about to a new level. His delivery of every line is captivating, and though by the end of the movie I despise who he is as a person, I love him at the same time! I will not watch it again, just because these types of movies don’t boast a strong rewatchability. However, it was an amazing one time watch.