Please, please, PLEASE be as awesome and as over the top as the first one is and you are making this on look… I beg of you! As you may be able to tell, I was a bit of a fan of the first Kingsman movie. No part of me expected a second one, but we are in 2017 and that is what we do. This at least looks good and has what appears to be a fresh take! On top of that they brought back Colin Firth! I don’t know how, but personally I don’t care how… The spin they have put on The Golden Circle of partnering with their American cousins “The Statesmen” has to be the funniest little twist I could have ever thought of. Everything English is exaggerated and over the top and I expect no less of every American stereotype. Who better to bring that home than Channing Tatum too? The Modern-day-old-school James Bond is back!