SO, unquestionably this trailer is awesome. The music is awesome, the action is awesome, and it shows just enough to get excited about. It is also without question though that all cool parts of this trailer are featuring the Hulk. It begs the question… Was this movie made, and then they realized that their secondary character is the only good aspect, OR is Hulk actually as large a part of this movie as they are painting for us?.. Things I don’t like, or are just confusing, is the amount of comedy and Bruce acting weird. I like comedy, in fact I love it! So far though it seems like too much is being used and I don’t want it to be over crowded with comedy in a universe that has been gradually moving darker in a good way. Also, what the fuck is wrong with Bruce!? He’s acting weird in this… Either way, it’s Marvel so obviously I’m not going to write it off until I see it.

P.S. Hulk talking is amazing, and I would see this just to hear more of it.