Whether you like the movie or not, Baby Driver is a beautiful take on a heist film that intertwines music into every little crevice it can without every making itself seemed forced… Baby Driver follows Baby(Ansel Elgort), the best get-away driver in the heist business. Baby is forced to work for Doc (Kevin Spacey) because of some past misdeeds he has done. Baby soon falls for a diner girl named Debora (Lily James) and does whatever he can to get out of the business… As I said before, Baby Driver has music going almost every second the movie is playing, almost making it feel more like a long music video than an actual movie. The way they pull this off is Baby has tinnitus and uses the music to drown it out. The cuts and edits to match the music or jaw-dropping to witness. The actual plot of this movie, though shaky at times, is solid enough for me not to question too often. Anyone that is not Baby or Debora is a villain and  against the new couple, which is believable considering they are criminals, but the relationship itself is not believable. The “couple” has one conversation, briefly I might add, and suddenly are head over heals for each other… Either way, this movie is brilliant to watch and like nothing I have ever seen, which allows me to forgive all of its tiny little missteps and enjoy it because it truly is amazing.