John Wick Chapter 2 movie review

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A sense of dread falls over us all when a movie as fantastic as John Wick comes out and we all love it, only to have a equal immediately be announced. Sometimes they match up though and the movie is good. Once in a blue moon however, the sequal steps up its game and is better. John Wick 2 achieved that with higher stakes and more action… It the continuation of the John Wick series John Wick is roped back into the business to repay a debt, only to have the same man that roped him in to but a massive hit on his head. Now, Mr. Wick has to fight off all of the underworlds criminals just to get to this one man. I love it, and you will love it. It takes what it built with the original and built on it with the incredible action and realism with the action.

One thought on “John Wick Chapter 2 movie review”

  1. See, I kind of had the opposite reaction to this sequel. I felt it was more of the same and it just felt like they were finding excuses to drag John back into the world rather than having an actual reason.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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