Chasing Amy is without a doubt the peak of Kevin Smith as a filmmaker, and one of my all time favorite indie films and 90’s movies. Chasing Amy follows Holden and Banky, two best friends that are making a living making comics. Every nerds dream. Holden and Banky have been friends since they could remember and nothing can split them apart. Until, Holden falls for a beautiful woman named Alyssa. However, it is not until he falls for her that he finds out she is a lesbian. But will that stop him? Hell No!.. Chasing Amy is studded with everyone that is always in early Kevin Smith films, with the wonderful addition of Joey Lauren Adams, who portrays Alyssa better than anyone ever could… This movie has everything and is the ultimate bro movie while also being sweet and heartfelt enough to watch with your significant other. Somehow, mixed in with all the sweetness, bro stuff, nerdy stuff, and deep messages about love, it finds time to make you laugh your ass off. I would recommend this movie to any person, any where, no matter who they are.