Although the name is one of the more stupid names I have ever heard for a movie, I won’t fault it too much and let that get in the way of what looks to be an original take on the crime solving thriller genre. Peter Dinklage, best known as Tyrion Lannister and the guy that plays every little person in Hollywood (sorry Warwick), stars in this movie about a man trying to solve a murder by diving into peoples memories through a futuristic machine that lets you visualize memories perfectly. I am fairly well versed in film and this, to me, is a stunningly original idea. Backed by Dinklage I don’t see how this can fail. One thing I did notice that I like is that they don’t seem to be using Dinklage because of him being a little person, but because he is a stunning actor. If the movie is anywhere near as good as this trailer made me feel it will be, it will be great.