Well, this happened. I watched this. After a long time of avoidance I finally broke down and watch Rick and Morty. And, you know what? I’m bummed that I didn’t watch it sooner! Sure, after the first couple episodes I couldn’t stop repeating “What the fuck is this?” and “What is going on?!”, but hey, this shit is HILARIOUS. Although everyone describes it as a “stoner show” I still was rolling and hyperventilating while watching this completely sober. This show goes beyond what any raunchy TV I am familiar with goes to and I understand why it has such a cult following now. On top of that the visuals are outlandish too, with the story never taking itself seriously for more than a second… Rick and Morty, the actual characters are fucking CHARACTERS! Rick is a drunk, old genius that seems to drag the young dumb Morty around for the hell of it. And it’s perfect.