Rick and Morty TV show review


Well, this happened. I watched this. After a long time of avoidance I finally broke down and watch Rick and Morty. And, you know what? I’m bummed that I didn’t watch it sooner! Sure, after the first couple episodes I couldn’t stop repeating “What the fuck is this?” and “What is going on?!”, but hey, this shit is HILARIOUS. Although everyone describes it as a “stoner show” I still was rolling and hyperventilating while watching this completely sober. This show goes beyond what any raunchy TV I am familiar with goes to and I understand why it has such a cult following now. On top of that the visuals are outlandish too, with the story never taking itself seriously for more than a second… Rick and Morty, the actual characters are fucking CHARACTERS! Rick is a drunk, old genius that seems to drag the young dumb Morty around for the hell of it. And it’s perfect.

4 thoughts on “Rick and Morty TV show review”

  1. I just recently started watching that show too with my husband that showed me this. I had to take a long pause after the first episode since I was so turned off. Then we also started watching this show called Shameless together, which also really bothered me. I gave the show a second chance and now really enjoy its quirkiness. So many weird quotes. “wubba lubba dub dub!!”

    Are you keeping up with the current season? What’s your favorite episode so far? Oh funnily my husband actually wrote a review/analysis of the show recently too. Let me know if you get a chance to check it out!


    – Hanna


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