Although I am definitely a fan of the IDEA of movies about old guys doing cool stuff old guys don’t do, they never really pan out to their full potential. Going in Style is a lot better than lets say Stand Up Guys or Last Vegas, but it is far from an actual good movie. For that limited genre however, it is the best. Going in Style stars Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. These three gentleman decide that they are going to rob a bank after they are wronged by it… Going in Style is blessed with 3 of the most seasoned and influential actors alive today, has easy action-comedy built right into the story itself, and could seemingly do no wrong. Now, its problem is not with the actors but with the pacing. Nothing is actually robbed until halfway through the movie. That would not be bad if the planning of the heist was made interesting, which from the oceans movies, we know can be as fun as the heist itself. AFTER the heist however the movie steps it up a notch and is quite enjoyable. Forty-five minutes of interest in an hour and a half movie does not make a good movie though.