This is just a classic case of me wanting to watch something different than what I normally watch that ended up going horribly… The Rebound follows a single mom of forty that just got divorced, hires a twenty-five year old nanny, and falls for the nanny. Pretty basic plot that has the opportunity for some laughs! Well its just too damn bad that I didn’t laugh once than!.. Although this movie is not what you would call “studded” with killer actors, they do bring in a couple good leads with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Justin Bartha. Although these two actors do seem to be giving it everything they have, they were not given a lot to work with at all. The premise is very simple, but beyond the MAIN story everything else just seems to have been randomly thrown in here hoping that some comedy sticks until they can work back around to the story. The script is awful and cringe-worthy even at times, with the most stereotypical lines for any romance being very prominent. And, finally, at the end of the movie they throw in a twist that derails the entire shitty experience, tossing it deep down into the depths of movie writing hell that had me LAUGHING at how blatantly obvious it was that they knew they had a pile of shit and were just trying to polish up their steaming pile with a twist out of left field.