Death Note follows Light Turner, a high school boy that finds a book from Ryuk the death god. Any name he writes in this book, that person get killed. So Light, accompanied by his crazy girlfriend set out to make the world a better place through death. Something like that does not go unnoticed forever though. So, L, one of the best investigators in the world sets out to find who has been killing everyone off… Death Note has had impressively poor perception by not just critics, but the general public as well. Death Note is an adaptation of an anime that is an adaptation of a manga. So, obviously, the movie is going to be different and not going to include everything. What I find most important with any adaptation whether it be from a book or a TV show is that the movie capture the feeling of its source material, which in my opinion it most certainly has. On top of that, if anyone had not seen the TV show this is a very good stand alone film. From the very beginning it jumps right into the action and keeps you guessing the entire film. The suspense builds throughout the entire movie with a great resolution at the end (and a cliffhanger that had me yelling at the screen). Fantastic performances are brought by Nat Wolf, Margaret Qualley, Lakeith Stanfield, and Willem Dafoe. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is by far the standout performance in this film however. Not only does Ryuk look just brilliant and terrifying, but I can’t imagine anybody delivering him as perfectly as Dafoe can and does. So yes, although this is not a perfect adaptation of the show, nothing could be. At least it is true to it and capture its essence, so enjoy it for what it is.