I am truly in love with this movie. I watched it, and then turned around and watched it again the next day. The Big Sick follows Kumail Nanjiani in the true story of how he and his wife met and the turmoil they went through with his culture and her going in to a coma shortly after they got together. The Big Sick starts out as your average romantic comedy. It made me laugh and cringe and say cheesy shit like “awww”. Shortly in to the film though, Emily falls sick and goes into a coma right after a nasty break up between the two caused by his culture and family expectations. After that he must face her parents and his feelings for her… This movie is a perfect combination of multiple different genres. I found myself laughing, immediately followed by sadness and happiness. All the characters have great depth, with shining performances actually coming from Ray Ramona and Holly Hunter as Emily’s parents. Their relationship with their daughter and marriage is as important to you as the main story. What makes this movie even more heartfelt is the fact that it is incredibly accurate to the true story. It is a wonderful story that I may never get tired of seeing.