I do love some Matt Damon, weird plots, and comedy. Downsizing is a 2017 film that is getting released in December. The movie exists in a world where people can get shrunk down to a miniature size and live life very extravagantly because of this. The trailer starts out where I assume the movie does, with this concept getting introduced to the world by unveiling the first (publicly) shrunk down human. Later on Matt Damon hangs out with a friend of his played by Jason Sudeikis who convinces him that he and his wife should get shrunk down. So, they do! After that this trailer is nothing but an awesome montage of all the stuff you can do as a tiny person with massive amounts of cash… So, this is a legitimately interesting trailer, and hopefully movie. It is just a remarkably original idea and I’ve never seen or read anything like it! It is an original screenplay by Alexander Payne who is also directing. Payne is a relatively unknown director. Not bad, just small name. I am not too familiar with his work but, I am curious to see not only how he handles a screenplay so unique, but a star as bright as Damon. Everyone knows that Matt Damon is a wonderful actor, I only hope he is properly utilized… Given the fact that the trailer gives no hints as to what a conflict in the movie could be, there isn’t much speculation I can make. Since the shrinking process is irreversible, perhaps an issue arises that can only be solved by being big. Who knows? Either way though I am not missing this one while it is in theaters.