Bleed for This is a movie that, for a lot of people, I believe went rather under the radar. Which, is quite surprising considering it is a high point for Miles Teller who is having nothing BUT highs as of  late. For me however, I jumped on it (after missing it in theaters unfortunately). Bleed for This is a true story biopic that follows Vinny Pazienza (Miles Teller), a world champion boxer who breaks his neck in a car accident, gets a halo installed and the reenters the boxing scene against all odds. What I find amazing about this movie is that it starts out with almost a Wolf of Wallstreet feel to it with the fame, glory and the over the top way of representing it. The atmosphere of the movie stays there and rides that wave until it, very suddenly, changes into a serious drama. Normally this would kill a movie with such a massive change, but in this case it elevates it from being just another boxing=fame movie we have seen a hundred times… Miles Teller, who I always go on and on about, once again brings in a stellar performance, perfectly portraying the desperation that this boxer feels throughout the entire film. Watching him go from barely being able to move in his own bed to pushing himself in areas that are seriously life threatening is nothing short of inspiring. This is not only a great boxing movie alongside many others, but a great movie.