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I’m a huge sucker for all tycoon games and simulation games. I scour Steam looking for whatever I can get. Planet Coaster, Project Highrise, Cities Sylines, Game Dev Tycoon, and now this. I first saw the Youtuber Jacksepticeye playing Coffee Shop Tycoon and thought to myself, “oh my god, that looks just like Game Dev Tycoon but with coffee!” I bought it immediately. For the most part I enjoyed what I did play of the game. I beat it in two hours though so it wasn’t much… Coffee Shop Tycoon starts you out with a small building and very little money. You have to build everything in your shop, buy coffee machines, hire employees, and even learn new coffees. For the most part I was always profitable and my reputation steadily increased, so I had no worries. Very quickly the game started to become boring. I had bought everything I could possibly buy, trained my employees as high as they would go, and made every system within the shop automated so I could walk away from my computer for a day if I so pleased. I was very excited when I figured out how to buy a new building then, obviously, because I wasted more to do. In Game Dev Tycoon, a game that seems REMARKABLY similar in many aspects, when you upgrade to a bigger building you unlock more options and your employees move with you. In Coffee Shop Tycoon, however, you keep your money but need to rebuy everything… All in all I had fun at first but was incredibly disappointed when I realized I had done everything it had to offer within two hours.