The Boss Baby movie review


Not every single animated movie these days has to be a masterpiece that delves into real life issues and toys with our emotions, sometimes fun is all we need out of an animated movie. The Boss Baby is about a businessman baby that comes into a family to try and stop the evil plot of Puppy Co. with the help of the families oldest son and his now “brother”. I actually found this movie hilarious and ridiculous, but in a very charming way. Alec Baldwin is the obvious/perfect choice for the talking business baby. Every line he delivers is great and made even funnier coming from a baby… Even though TheBoss Baby doesn’t tug at your heart strings as much as many other animated films these days, it still has room for a few good feels. The whole circumstance with the talking business baby is clearly all in Tim’s (the older brother) over active imagination. It is all a wonderful metaphor for his new found brother taking over his life and makes the ending that much better. I watched it a few times when I had the chance, so if you have a sweet spot for kids movies, this will work well for you.

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