onesheet (3)

Despite it’s less than impressive review scores pretty much everywhere, I was very impressed by The Shallows. The Shallows follows Nancy, played by Black Lively, as she is trapped only a couple hundred meters from shore with the looming threat of a shark in the waters surrounding the island she has found sanctuary upon. The reason I found myself so impressed by a movie that is, let’s be honest, incredibly simplistic, is that it is an hour and a half of basically one setting and one character. Blake Lively carries the weight of this movie on her shoulders well and makes you feel real terror on her behalf… I wouldn’t call this movie a horror film, not by a long shot, but the suspense is real. Every step of the way I was covering my face and breathing heavily, rooting for this poor girl… The best aspect of this movie is shortly followed by the worst however. While she is trapped on the island the tide rises (don’t worry, it’s not a spoiler) and causes her little island to disappear making her have to find new shelter, the ending is shortly after this and just horrendous. Other than that however it is a great one-time watch.