I lost many hours in this game without even realizing it. Seriously, I started playing and before I knew it, nine hours had passed! Kept on happening too… Shadow of Mordor is an open world, action-adventure game set in the land of Mordor from Lord of the Rings. To be 100% honest with you, if you asked me anything about the story line or the main character I wouldn’t be able to tell you squat. But, strangely enough that doesn’t matter one bit. The Nemesis system and how it ties into literally everything you do is what makes this game… To explain it easily; there are uruk’s throughout the world. Captains lead the uruk’s, and warchiefs lead the captains. It is your job to eliminate them all. However, if you fail to defeat a captain, it will remember you and will also increase in power. If there is a vacant spot open for a captain and a random uruk kills you, Boom! Now that uruk has a name, is a captain, and will remember your flaws. This game is gold, and even without a story the Nemesis system and world itself will keep you entertained. The story is purely a bonus.