Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond is an incredibly difficult watch. Not because it is boring, far from in fact, but because it is such an extreme subject, awkward at times, and sometimes even highly uncomfortable. Yet, at the same time as all of that it also manages to be beautiful and a work of art much like the movie that caused it itself… Jim & Andy opens on Jim Carrey in a hotel room, he begins to tell the story of becoming Andy Kaufman for Man on the Moon, and how, in his mind at least, he lost himself completely to the character and was no longer Jim.  It cuts back and forth from Jim to never before seen film from behind the scenes of Man on the Moon. That is where the beautiful and the uncomfortable collide. Jim truly was no more, he was lost inside himself, and Andy had surfaced to take over. Not just within the movie, but everywhere else as well. To the point of Andy’s actual family coming to visit Jim because they wanted to see Andy one more time… This documentary is a work of art, purely because of what Jim did nearly 20 years ago to honor his idol properly, and to many, went too far.