I’m going to be very straight forward and to the point here. Bright was terrible. Absolutely awful. After it was over I tried to make excuses for it, but as time went on it became more clear to me just how shit this movie really is. Why was I trying to make excuses for it? Because the concept behind this movie is amazing, and deep, and full of potential. Max Landis wrote a good script that could have been turned into a great movie and David Ayer ruined it. Will Smith couldn’t even save this movie!.. So, what is this movie about? It’s set in an alternate universe where fantasy creatures live in the modern world with humans. An orc cop (Joel Edgerton) is made partners with a human cop (Will Smith) which is unheard of because racism. They come into possession of a wand, a magic item that can only be controlled by a “Bright” and the movie devolves into a “run-away-from-bad-guys” shtick. What this movie is REALLY about is the races though. The plot doesn’t matter, and it’s pretty clear by how predictable and disappointing everything is that the main characters do. What actually matters and what is the real point of the movie is the racism between Elves, Orcs, and Humans in this movie and the similarities with the race problems we have in real life… And that was disappointing to me. This movie had every opportunity to be fantastic in just the concept alone. Lord of the Rings meets End of Watch. Fantasy meets buddy cop. In modern-ish, amazing world!.. However, one thing that I did like was the fact that the movie jumped right in. The beginning was strong and it assumed we understood the concept and that all this was normal. I liked that a lot, it aloud us to get directly in the story. There was a a bit of a background with a war between races thousands of years ago that should have been expanded on more, but it explained what it had to. That’s it though. Nothing else in this movie pushed boundaries or was anything more than a racial message disguised as buddy-cop-fantasy movie with terrible lead chemistry and laughably-bad dialogue.