Normally i’m not a fan of trailers using rap music to make their trailer seem more epic, when it’s very clearly out of place for the movie itself, but this movie is well aware of what it is. Another hilarious point that touches on that, is the very beginning of the trailer when it flashes on screen all the Academy Awards and nominations the actors in Zombieland 2 of all things have. I legitimately laughed just at that.

Zombieland: Double Tap is the VERY long awaited sequel to the cult hit, Zombieland. A new thing these days is to release sequels to films many years after the original. When it’s a hit it is huge, when it’s a flop people get angry. From the moment this was announced everyone has been all over it. It has a new director with Ruben Fleischer, but from the brief 3 minute glimpse I got it looks like hes remaining true to the first. Doesn’t skip on the gore, jokes are great, it’s over the top. Everything I want.

Zombieland: Double Tap looks like it takes place in the white house at the beginning, but Wichita (Emma Stone) hints that them being on the move is what they prefer. So it could take place mostly in DC or on the road in a road trip zombie movie. I’d be okay with either. They also run into their doppelgangers, who is an almost equally great cast of actors, but it’s not clear how big of a part they play.

10 years later I’m optimistic enough (which these days is not my thing) to say that I think this movie will be just as awesome as the first, if not exceeding it with who these actors have become.