Seth Rogen is undoubtedly my favorite actor. I see absolutely everything he is in, and though he has had a few stinkers, they never fail to make me laugh. Long Shot is no different.

Long Shot stars Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in a romantic comedy, a guilty pleasure of mine, that follows a reporter (Rogen) and Secretary of State (Theron) on a presidential campaign. Charlotte (Theron) has always been career focused and has lost the fun in her life. Fred (Rogen) is a goofball that never quite grew up… That’s a description that you can apply to probably 90% of romantic comedies, and it usually works, but just enough. Long Shot is elevated above the rest with it’s hilarious writing and the chemistry between the two leads that you never thought you’d see together.

There’s honestly so much of this movie that I like. The way it builds Fred’s character as being a brilliant writer, and having convictions that he sticks to, while also being the goofy guy. Charlotte is a strong female role model that has a fun side to her that she doesn’t let on. The relationship is honestly the stand out though. There comes a point in every romantic comedy like this where the girl dumps the guy for being a bit immature, then eventually he grows up and they get together. That’s basically the plot of Knocked Up! Charlotte likes that side though and stands by him for who he is. I like that. Its refreshing.

The comedy gets a bit dark and sexy at times, especially the two sex scenes. They are light, but probably the two funniest parts in the whole damn thing. I’d be remiss too if I didn’t mention O’Shea Jackson Jr in this review. I’ve only ever seen him in Straight Out Of Compton, but that guy has some comedy chops. I’d pay to see him and Seth Rogen in some kind of buddy comedy.

In the end its obvious I liked this movie. I even bought it and watched it a few times. Seeing Rogen in a role like this is nice, he is still his old self but is getting older. I enjoy that. Theron is in a role I never pictured her in. Doing something like this, and also Mad Max really shows her range. I realize this was a huge flop but that’s no one’s fault that worked on this film, just whichever dumbass released it next to Endgame.