I honestly don’t think this needs to be made. Breaking Bad finished it’s legendary run in a near perfect way. That being said though I’m OBVIOUSLY going to watch this as soon as it comes out. Like, immediately.

This teaser trailer is everything it should be which is almost nothing. It shows nothing, tells nothing, yet elicits excitement just by the fact that it confirms that we are truly getting this. Its just just Skinny Pete talking about how he won’t give up Jesse because he’s on the run.

What I HOPE from this movie:

1. I want very little Walter White, if any. A cameo in a mention is really all I want.

2. A human story with a recovery storyline of Jesse.

3. Them to properly honor him and not ruin his arc.

4. An ending just as good as we already have.

This isn’t a needed sequel movie, but I’m putting optimism towards that they wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t worthy to exist.